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  • amourogm logan  says:

    how are you ?
    first, thank you very much for your job…

    but I have a problem…copilot not launch on my laptop
    can you help me please ?


  • Jason Ribeiro  says:

    I am having difficulties getting the Copilot program to work on my laptop with windows 10 OS. Is Copilot compatible with Windows 10?

  • ivan cano  says:

    does copilot download work for windows 10

  • LordTakuban  says:


    Sorry for the delay in reply. I know that CoPilot works in Windows 7. But I’m not positive if it works in windows 10. I don’t know why it wouldn’t. But it is possible that there is some sort of difference.

    One thing that may be causing you issues is not having the right serial-to-USB adapter.

  • llewelyn duncan  says:

    Does CO Pilot Have launch control, will it work on my evo 5 L jetro Power FC?

    • LordTakuban  says:

      I can’t remember off hand, but I do think there is a launch control setting. I’m not sure if it works with your evo 5 L setup though. I’m mostly familiar with the MR2 Spyder usage. This site is available to provide the downloads and some information for CoPilot. I’m not the author of the software, but I do try to answer as much as I can.

      Sorry, I don’t have more concrete information for you. You can download it and try it out. Nothing on this site costs anything. It’s all available for free to download.

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