Welcome to CoPilot!


This site is a repository for files related to CoPilot for Power FC. Please click on the Downloads link at the top, or CLICK HERE to go directly to the downloads page. However, please note the following disclaimers before proceeding:

  • I did not create / write CoPilot for PFC. I am simply hosting the files for the community to be able to benefit from them.
  • At this time, I do not sell any items related to CoPilot or the Power FC. I don’t know what the future holds, but it is not likely that I will have any Power FC products for sale.
  • All software and downloads are available on this site as-is and without any kind of warranty or guarantee. There are no viruses on the files, but it’s possible they won’t work on your hardware.
  • It has been 10 years or more since I’ve used the software. I will try to comment and help people with questions when I can. But for the most part, you should check forums such as http://www.mr2-spyder.com